Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

When driving your car it is a pleasure to get from one place to another with a smooth ride.  One of the best ways to ensure that your trip is an enjoyable one is to get the best fuel economy out of your engine.  Listed below are some tips, tricks and suggestions that you can use to ensure your vehicle performs at top efficiency.

Stay off the pedal

One of the most obvious and overlooked solution is the pressure you put on your gas pedal.  When we step on the gas we are injecting fuel into the engine.  This fuel is then burned allowing us to move forward, or backwards faster.  In order to maintain your fuel you want to stay off the gas.  A way to do this is to use your cruise control whenever possible.

Use the right fuel

When filling your vehicle selecting the correct fuel will be vital as well.  Some cars will run just fine on the basic fuel where others will require the higher grades.  When looking at your fuel economy options make sure to consult your manual and stay with the recommended fuel type.

Pack light

When we add a lot of weight to our vehicles we are increasing the drag on them.  When packing your vehicle pack light.  Consider making multiple trips and don’t pull trailers with a lot of weight in them either.  The less your vehicle needs to stress itself the more fuel economy you will receive.

Tire pressure

fuel economy

Tires are designed to be round and made out of rubber.  When your tires are worn, not properly inflated or have damage to them then they need to be inflated to the correct pressure or replaced.  When driving your vehicle, make sure your tires are all at the same pressure, tread pattern and more.  Doing so will ensure your vehicle will run at top efficiency.