November Ballot Guide

Below is my ballot reccommendation for this November's election. I’m highlighting the propositions I helped write and the candidates and issues most important to me. Click here to download and print my ballot guide and take it with you to the polls!

Hillary Clinton

US Senator
Kamala Harris 

District 5 Supervisor 
Me - London Breed

US Congress
Nancy Pelosi

State Senate
Scott Wiener 

David Chiu and Phil Ting 

Paul Henderson 

Board of Education
Rachel Norton, Stevon Cook, Trevor McNeil, and Matt Haney

Community College Board
Alex Randolph, Amy Bacharach, Shanell Williams

BART Board
Bevan Dufty

San Francisco Ballot Measures
Prop A: Yes
Prop B: Yes
Prop C: Yes
Prop D: No
Prop E: Yes
Prop F: Yes
Prop G: Yes
Prop H: No
Prop I: Yes
Prop J: Yes
Prop K: Yes
Prop L: No
Prop M: No
Prop N: Yes
Prop O: Yes
Prop P: No
Prop Q: No
Prop R: No
Prop S:  No Position
Prop T: Yes
Prop U: No
Prop V: Yes
Prop W: Yes
Prop X: Yes
Prop RR: Yes 

State Measures
Prop 51: Yes
Prop 52: Yes
Prop 53:  No
Prop 54:  No
Prop 55: Yes
Prop 56: Yes
Prop 57: Yes
Prop 58: Yes
Prop 59: Yes
Prop 60: No
Prop 61: No
Prop 62: Yes
Prop 63: Yes
Prop 64: Yes
Prop 65: N
Prop 66: No
Prop 67: Yes